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President of the 8th Three luxury cruise trip (serial)

Date:2014年8月6日 10:46

At the end, and finally have time to sort and count our family travel harvest this year - the summer to participate in the 8th presidential Three luxury cruise trip.
July, summer. Son clamored to take a holiday reward reward him, and asked the reason, confidently say a semester tiring, holiday should be a good trip out to play. The reason seems pretty full, are embarrassed to refuse ^ _ ^.
In the travel advisory line, was attracted by the Three Gorges Cruise - leisure travel, the son of great interest for the boat. Several cruise travel agents to choose from, after comparing the president chose 8 luxury cruise ship - this year launched a new ship, Friday from Chongqing to Yichang to effectively use the weekend to weekend, the launch of two free a little activity, just for us a three. Decisively away from.
Friday, July 19, Chongqing - we came. 7:30 in the morning, after the bumps along the way (mountain really deserved reputation), we take the train finally arrived in Chongqing North Railway Station, with Jietuan guides tell a fake fight for a long time the free exercise (nephew to work in Chongqing, take the opportunity to look at nephew, details are not tables). If you do not visit family and friends, you can stroll around the Liberation Monument proposal, Hongyadong, ciqikou town and experience the customs and people of Chongqing snacks, hot and spicy taste of old Chongqing hot pot.
Late 7:00 Chaotianmen dock, silhouetted against the sunset afterglow, the crew in the warm welcome we boarded the presidential guide 8 luxury cruise ship, in the second floor reception with ID smooth check-in (from Chongqing to Yichang 4 days 3 nights, today also considered day, and no dinner the first night on board, but there are enough local cuisine Chongqing). Had already exhausted the little guy to see such a large cruise ship when suddenly excited, took me to stay on board after the layers to visit. As night fell, blowing Night River shore 江风欣 two tours on the deck not a good feeling.



10 pm, the President on the 8th whistle sail, our luxury cruise ship in the Three Gorges tour officially began, with the cruise line before, Chaotianmen dock smaller and smaller, and finally into the night. We also could not withstand the "sleepy" erosion, sweet sleep.
In this add facilities on cruise ships is still quite good, we lived in a deluxe standard room, probably more than 30 square meters, in-room bathroom, toiletries, satellite telephone, TV, refrigerator, wardrobe, sofa and other necessities, the key that each room is invincible Riverview Room Oh, configure two chairs on the balcony, a small round table, tea while chatting, while enjoying the mountains, leisurely.



Saturday, July 20. Morning wake up music on the radio, radio reminds us time and morning breakfast itinerary (in fact, the room attendant has been sent itinerary table, or on the rigorous board service like this one). A person wash, then went straight to the second floor of the restaurant. Breakfast is buffet style, content is very rich, after a night's rest just our state, bites, not table specific process, so exposure to the nature of our family are eating the goods. (Tickets are included accommodation, dining and three spots, so despite eat).
After breakfast, shore excursions at their own expense Attractions Fengdu Ghost Town (at their own expense throughout the two spots, single spots 280, two spots 520, due to limited interest Baidicheng so only selected Fengdu ghost town), a ghost town with ancient hilltop is crowned human head curtain (legendary Hades?), you can see when cruise through today, a lot of field experience, "netherworld", "palace of hell," "the gates of hell", "Yin and Yang", "eighteen layers of hell" and so on. Overall, Fengdu Ghost City landscape dominated by man-made and less "chi dense, creepy" feeling (Is it my taste too heavy?), Passing may wish to see.
After exploring the return of President on the 8th, the waiter at the ground floor entrance for us to prepare the tea and hot towels (very thoughtful, like this one). Back to the room found the housekeeping staff has passed, giving the brand new feeling.
After a short break for lunch, actually is a buffet, but not heavy like and breakfast to hot dishes based. At the same time whistle leaving the Fengdu Cruise Port, marching down a spot in Zhongxian. Lunch time is relatively longer, can enjoy food on the 8th president, while enjoying the views.



         8 pm against President Shibaozhai near the pier, we go ashore to visit Shibaozhai (included in the ticket attractions). After ashore along the many local residents carrying bamboo sedan's over Showmanship, bamboo son first saw this car, it is a novelty, fail to beat had he litters the (10 yuan or 20 yuan remember, the road not far) . Shibaozhai suspension bridge dangling about 20 meters, people walking on it will not stop shaking (As a reminder ladies do not wear high heels, deck by planks, deck heel easily snaps into the gap caused by Wei feet, Shibaozhai climb the tower is also a strength to live, after all, high heels inconvenient). Shibaozhai tower is built on the hillside of wooden structures attic, Walled top with temple emperor temple, long-term perspective can enjoy the river scenery.
         The first dinner was in the ship's Captain welcome dinner, Chinese food in the form of tables, 10 table. When entering the restaurant, the president stood in the restaurant entrance captain 8th shook hands with the guests and posed for pictures with tourists. Welcoming the captain word in the process, we introduce themselves to each other and at the same table visitors these days due to table numbers are fixed, we became friendly meal. To the Wuhan where a family of three and we became good friends, children have playmates. Meals still very rich, and all kinds of sweet and salty and sour tastes are, able to accommodate different tastes diet.


President organized a welcome party on the 8th night. We both came together, 5th Floor Auditorium 8 President, at this time there have been many cruise dressed up, under the guidance of our waiter seated, the waiter immediately, there needs to ask whether the hospitality drinks, beverages, and tell us the party there lucky draw good luck to free single. Shengqingnanque, we ordered ice cream, fruit juice and green tea (of course this is to be paid, but also more expensive than the United States uncle home, but the tourism consumption is inevitable, acceptable), and interest to watch the show. Presidential party programs are all 8 crew wrote, directed, and starred in, I know a boat tour in the evening as the host, the crew is really versatile. Evening interspersed with some interactive sessions, such as flower drum transfer game (this time we are interested in some of the foreign guests on board, foreigners generally flower drum pass of the game), grab a stool games, lively and interesting. Under our agitation, grab a stool son also attended the game, the results of the first round defeated, freak (because he felt that we parents let him come to power, he felt did not lose face, small P baby) . No way, we had to bid farewell to the party scene back to the room to comfort his son.


        This is our family day at the full board, the general feeling is "dynamic and static, ship and shore interaction," tight schedule but did not tired, president 8th nuanced, warm smile, let us feel at home, no change hotels, attractions coachman distress, can dedicate myself to the Three Gorges along the landscape.

On the third day of the trip was mainly baidicheng, Qutang, Wu Gorge, Shennong Stream. Because there is no sign Baidicheng tour, so am mainly in the 8th President of the free activities.
After breakfast visit again led by the son of the President of the 8th. First came the first floor gym, a foreign couple is fitness, gym next to the theater because of the time has not yet begun screening. The first floor there is a swimming pool, a son of super interested in the pool kept the shot put, super smug.

President 8 on the 6th floor has a children's playground, an area of ​​small but attractive to children but should not be underestimated, and this time there have been many children at play here, son, do not hesitate to join the children's team. I will continue to visit, five story atrium decorated with a piano, a woman is elegant piano, aside haired daddy are fondly watching the old lady, and a piano melody humming a ditty, "the highest power, ends of the earth," the Oath also arrived, but this scene over there is love picture.
(With map: Seniors couple playing screen)
6th Floor, an open conference room, a tour group of foreign visitors to show positive quintessence - mahjong, shuffling is completed when the automatic mahjong machine launched a new brand to the desktop, "oh, my god" screams one in their eyes automatic mahjong machine is very magical, pride wells ^ _ ^.
(With map: foreign tourists learn quintessence)
Morning time in the casual stroll away, although there is no shore excursions, but on the deck in the sun, visit the souvenir shop is absolutely wonderful.
After 10:00 o'clock tour baidicheng tourists have on board, the president 8th move in front is about to enter Qutang.

8 is about to enter the majestic presidential Qutang, cruise broadcast to inform you that the 6th floor deck to watch the Qutang Gorge, explaining the scene by boat tour. Qutang since Kuimen stretches 8 km, Jiang Jia Zhi Ling mountains on both sides, because of the Three Gorges Dam reservoir's sake, the original need to look up "Kuimen" five characters in sight. Because of the limited writing landlord of Qutang, Wuxia not make too much of the description, we recommend you Tell me or seeing is believing, for the wonderful experience.
Afternoon after the Wu Gorge, we take the President 8 docked Patong pier (has entered Hubei Province), the focus of the project is the afternoon boat tour Shennongxi. First Ride small tourist boat to take us into the Shennongxi Lung Cheong Gorge, Parrot Gorge, Mianzhu Gorge, along the craggy, streams and green as emerald, rocks strange shapes, swallow dock hole, Millennium Cliff etc. We shall not let a sigh of nature The intricate. Mountain cliff edge, a group of monkeys leisurely foraging, for those of us accustomed to strangers visiting appears (perhaps they used to see the number of visitors), according to the tour guide fishermen often have good intentions to leave the shore corn, small fish and other food to feed monkeys, these monkeys are not very afraid of the crowd.



Since becoming a shallow stream, we also take the local characteristics of the line "pea angle" a small wooden boat, the boatman who shouted chant led us to continue to explore Shennongxi. Tour guide for us to explain the local customs, the impact of the Three Gorges Dam reservoir and bring along the landscape, guided tours and boat skill chorus also local folk songs, the way of laughter.
         Return the sky when it began to rain, and in Xikou showing a "Amidst the river lock," the scene, so we deeply appreciate the Shennongxi weather changes. Returns the president is on the 8th night, after a short break for dinner.
         After dinner did not go to the party, but was invited to sing K. President on the 8th floor, there are a few 5 OK karaoke rooms (on board entertainment facilities still pretty rich), more elegant decoration, business is hot. A couple of peers to be the one private room, meals invited some friends to go with excitement, because at night thinking about watching our ship had five locks, so early dispersed, returned to their rooms to rest.

         1:00, the alarm sound to wake up dressed (midnight chill on the river is relatively heavy, it is recommended with jacket), to the President on the 8th deck, the Three Gorges Dam ship lock five lights, our ship has been in the queue lock up . When our boat into the lock, the front has two boats side by side in front of the President on the 8th full access to the gateway, behind the gate is closed, the front gate opens, the gateway level to stop the boat began to decline, until the two Gateway level flat, former cruise line to the next gateway, and so forth, like take the elevator to reach the general progressively downstream. Over a lock with about 40 minutes, had finished five locks have more than three hours (I've only seen the one lock, the same principle would not continue to adhere to). Later learned that the Three Gorges Dam ship lock is still lifts, boat 5000 tons less in the future can improve through the lift lock down directly upstream or downstream to greatly enhance the efficiency of lockage.
(With map: the Three Gorges Dam five lock picture)
         Woke up and found the President on the 8th already docked at the pier downstream of the dam, the Three Gorges Dam far to be able to see the whole picture. After breakfast visit the Three Gorges Dam, the organization, the first bus arrived to take the dam sites at the security checkpoint, because it is quite strict security key protection units (our peers car a grandfather to grandson with toy gun was confiscated, unfortunately). After the security check into the dam area, visit tanzhiling, panorama overlooking the dam, the Three Gorges Dam in the exhibition hall to listen to the tour guide explain the history and construction of the Three Gorges Dam, and finally take a scenic cable car (10 yuan / person) and reach the dam tour 175 platform, is actually next to the Three Gorges Dam, dam, due to the lift lock was still under construction, not directly to the dam visit, also failed to see the flood of great scenes, quite regrettable.

Three Gorges Dam 2 hours to visit the end (about 10:30), will send us to the pier to board the bus, along with the President of the 8th to the Xiling forward. Xiling relatively Qutang Gorge was a lot of wide, but more beautiful scenery on both sides.
         12:30, we arrived at the end of the 8th president ride this trip - Yichang New Century Wharf, embarked Jietuan tour bus, rushed to Yichang East Railway Station.

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